A request of “Can we go to the park?” was given a welcome, but surprising, “OK” from me on the way back from school today.  It has one of those cool suspended swings that goes in all directions and spin and Jnr Jnr loves it.  It’s usually both of them on it, it’s much easier with one :)

Jnr Snr is out this evening with Mrs H at her school’s Perfect Evening.  Seems she had a great Y7 if she got invited to that – good on yer girl.

I have been absent on Blip for a few days as my Mac is off at the Apple Store.  I got a mail from them saying a batch of hard drives could be prone to failure, and mine contained one from that batch.  A preventative replacement could be fitted free of charge (yeah, OK), but it does mean being taken for a while….. :(   The only downside over a PC that I’ve encountered with the thing so far.   I’ve pinched Mrs H’s, but it is missing tons of my stuff.

The Tour of Britain goes through the school’s village tomorrow so we are taking all the kids out to see it – I am hoping for a colourful action shot.

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