‘Audi Pardner


(The hat was only for the purpose of the journal entry title)

The day arrived, and I had a 10am appointment to pick up my new car, seems an age since I ordered it.  The first time I have ever got anything other than a hatchback.

The best bit was when the guy asked me if I wanted to see it before we did the last bit of paperwork; he took me round a corner (inside the building) and there was a glass room.  The car was a level below (even though we were on the ground floor) and he asked Jnr Jnr to press a button.  It rose up to our level, ready to drive out of the door.  Ha Ha!  I laughed and told him it was very Bond-esque.  Bit cheesy, but superb nonetheless.

It’s sweet, a huge step up from the Fiat 500 that’s for sure!

I also got a new pair of shoes…..I am King of the World today :)

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