One for his nob


I bought a cribbage board whilst on holiday (I have no idea why!), but nearly had an aneurysm when I read the instructions.  I did some Googling – that didn’t help much, and some YouTubing – that helped a little, and downloaded an app – that helped a lot.

Reminded me of the “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” quote from Confucius.

I needed someone to play with (again, why on Earth did I buy it?) and Jnr Snr seemed interested and she picked it up in no time.  If you ever want to learn, get someone to show you and avoid the instructions!!!

I love the language and etiquette of the game, very unique.  It looks so bizarre and random to the uninitiated, but very enjoyable once understood.

Jnr Jnr wanted to learn today and she seems to have got it OK so far, I am happy at this as her mental maths will rocket.

It’s getting a little competitive between me and Jnr Snr, she whooped me yesterday by miles (not skunked though) and I have just won a game where I was 31 points behind at one point and pegged out just before she was going to win, needed 8 and got 8 – I did a football goal celebration through the house in a very mature manner.

She wants to introduce Muggins now to step it up.

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