Yesterday Pete (builder who is doing our kitchen) said that his son regularly rides to Derby, loops round the roundabout over the A38 and back again as a ride.  It’s a lot longer than I usually do, although I did recently increase from my usual 35 mile to a 43 mile, so thought I’d give it a go.

It was great!!  A 50 mile trip that took me 2 hours 42 mins, an average speed of 18.3 mph, higher than normal, but then again, not half as hilly as my other routes.

So today is a recovery day, no riding at all.

Fortunately, a ton of tools I ordered from Wiggle turned up so I got to work giving my bike a well-overdue service.  I’ve never had a proper set of bike tools, so did a bit of reading on how to use them and spent a couple of hours getting on a mission to get rid of an annoying creaking that has been getting progressively worse over the last three weeks; under load, it is so loud for half of each rotation, I was convinced it was the right crank.

After removing the pedals, cranks, bottom bracket and giving them all a good degrease/regrease before refitting I held my breath and took it out for a short test…..the creak has gone :-D  It was driving me crazy.

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