Jnr Snr Snr soon


This little medium one is growing up too fast for my liking.  I’m not just saying that because of the wannabe-teenager attitude, it’s just that parent thing where she’s ready for the next stage of her life and I’m not.

Today was a Mummy/Daughter day – all three went off to Meadowhall and then the hairdressers.  This is her new cut, a drastic reduction in hair length that does make her look older :’-(

I used the time to take a gourmet tour of North Derbyshire, where I tasted the flying insects of Monyash, Ashbourne, Carsington, Matlock and Bakewell.  Must keep my mouth closed more on these bike rides.

I upped my ride length from 35 miles to 43 miles to work a little on my endurance  Went OK, and the scenery was awesome: Derbyshire rocks!  Didn’t get shouted at by any hatchback drivers either which was a bonus.

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