Blipping Busy


Haven’t stopped for two weeks – the end of a summer term is a rush, worse than Christmas. I have only been out on my bike once too, that’s an indication for sure. First blip in nearly two weeks too….

Well, it’s all over now, the last day of term today and I said farewell to another cohort, a great day all round in celebrating their time at school.
Yesterday we went to Chester Zoo – the PTA paid for the whole school to go, they are so cool. These weaver birds were the first thing we saw and I could have sat and watched them all day to be honest (which would have saved us a 5.5 mile stroll around the place!), only seen them on TV before and to see them make their nests in front of us was incredible.

More shots here, I nearly put up others here, but this bird had to be blipped.

I hope to get back to Blipping now I have SIX WEEKS OFF ;)

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