This is the government’s new answer to allow parents to give feedback to teachers…I think I’ve upset a few!

Actually it was our school’s carnival – a new event with three aims: to raise money for our solar panel project, to bring the village together and to have fun.  All three were very well met and it was a belting afternoon.  There were traditional stalls, a BBQ, climbing competitions, cakes, …. too much to say.  An incredible job by the children, parents, villagers and mostly our super Head (she reads this, I might get a cup of tea for that).  A wealth of terrific images too, many better than this one, but it had to be this, I liked the twirly droplets, it certainly cooled me down in the sunny heat.

A 32 mile ride when I got home, and I found it very, very hard up the hills, much more than normal.  But when I got home I saw that I’d taken a minute and a half of my best time.  Not sure how that worked.

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