Weekend Visitor


He’s been very, very friendly today – makes a change.  He used his litter tray too overnight, that cheered me up as my morning job was made easier.  He had a great runaround after lunch, hardly huffed when he had his prickles stroked and explored our front room with great eagerness.

Our little weekend visitor is a happy one :)

Mrs H did a 20 mile charity walk with her sister today, so I took the girls swimming, got Jnr Snr into Ingress, Jnr Jnr went to a classmate’s birthday party and I got to try out a new burger press.  With my meat handling skills and Mrs H’s baps, it’s a real treat ;)

At least I didn’t go out riding today… (that’s not me in the tin hat). With the rain and cold weather it wouldn’t have been flattering.

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