Team Awesome


I took some of my class to the cluster Rounders tournament this afternoon.  There was a little bit of pressure as we won it last time (the only thing we have ever won under me) and I really wanted them to defend the title as they have been brilliant in practise and I knew they had it in them.

And they were brilliant this afternoon too and won every game!!!!!  Superb.

We had great catches, not one half-rounder given away by our terrific bowler and the best fielding ever seen.  I am so, so proud of them.

I did get far too carried away though.  I am usually quietish at sporting things and tell my guys to go and enjoy themselves – this draws criticism from the competitive people as I am not pushing them.  So today I really pushed them and got told off by a couple of senior members of staff (including a swipe round the head with a set of rules).  I deserved it, I was being a bit of an arse.  I couldn’t help myself though, I was so giddy.

I did apologise to my team for my behaviour ;)

To Team Awesome – you guys rock

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