It was the kids vs mums end of season money-raiser today for the Jnr’s football team.  As one of the local butchers sponsors them, it included a BBQ and as the coach’s wife is an ace baker, there were cakes too!

I took a ton of photos (which I will be processing later), but headed for this one first as Jnr Jnr was awarded the Player of the Year award and also got the votes for the Player’s Player of the Year too.  She’s very chuffed, as are we.  Jnr Snr got a Star Player trophy too so we are totally trophied out today.

I never won a single trophy for football as I was awful, so they are well ahead of their old man already.

I am recovering from a 40 mile ride I did yesterday.  I decided to take it easy as far as pace and went for a long ride instead so went out on my mountain bike, but left the house at 10:30 and got back at about 18:00.  I rode to Sheffield, had an ace lunch at The Greek Deli (I earned it) and then came back cross-country over the top by Redmires Reservoirs and into Hathersage.  Lots of hills, very windy and quite hot.  It was heavenly, but exhausting by the end.

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