Evening Walk


Did a 23 mile ride yesterday – I went to do about 5 mile to test the elbows out, but they felt great so kept going on a nice route that included a jaunt through Chatsworth.  My legs gave out at about 20 though, so crawled home at a slow pace – I just wish sometimes I didn’t live at the top of a punishing hill.  Still, very chuffed with that.  At one point a car went past and beeped like crazy; either I know them or they found a red-faced podgster a funny sight.

The rain kept me off my bike today, so we settled for an evening walk instead after tea.  Jnr Jnr was not keen, but in the end loved it as it involved running through fields and laughing at a cow that coughed and poo’d at the same time (spectacularly too).

In other news, I very nearly bought a new car today.  In other, other news, I think I am going to go back tomorrow and buy it.   Eeeek!!

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