Tough Choice


“You can either sit there and finish your tea so you can have a cake, or leave it and not have one.”

Always a tough one for a tea you’re not keen on ;)

Had a scary-feeling lump on my neck last night that doubled in size overnight and is really tender.  Luckily it turns out that it’s probably a lymph node infection that should clear in two weeks.  Hate getting stuff like that, damn this over-40ness.

On a brighter note, I bought a yoghurt maker and am about to open it up to see what magic has been made.  This rock’n’roll lifestyle is kicking ass.

Took Jnr Jnr to see Tomorrowland this afternoon – highly recommend it, a visually wonderful bit of cinema with a good female role-model.  Talking of which, I saw San Andreas last night and that had a great female role model too.  Hollywood is dragging itself into the late 20th century it seems……

I though San Andreas would be crap, but was pleasantly surprised.  I do like a disaster movie, a genre whose established rules need to be done well otherwise it’s a steaming pile.  This did it well, especially with the SFX.  As a film, it ain’t all that, but as a disaster film, it rocked quaked.

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