Back to zero


I have been dying to go out on my bike ever since I broke my arms/ribs.  Knowing there is a long road to recovery, I wanted to find how things were, so today was the day…I was discharged last Monday, and the remnants of the pain will gradually reduce over the coming months the doc said.

So I got lycra’d up, grabbed the helmet (saved me last time!) and went out armed with the new gadge.  I had bought an iPhone cycling app (CycleMeter) to replace the faff I always go through with my old Garmin and was anticipating good things.  I was not let down!!!!  It recorded the usual things, but presented them in many ways, and the included watch app made controlling it a breeze.  It also meant I didn’t have the partially-successful uploading procedure to go through – Garmin have never been good at that in my opinion.  5* all round.

The gadgetry worked better than I did though – after about 2 miles I got a pain in my left elbow and it got worse as I went on.  So I cut the ride short and headed back home on a much-reduced circular route :(  So only 7 miles done, but first steps and all that……

I lost 1.1kg last week with no exercise, so am hoping to boost that with some calorie burning under my belt.  Maybe a walk tomorrow!

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