Poorly Kid


She was meant to be going to a friend’s Rollerama birthday trip today, but this was prevented by severe stomach pains last night that led to an emergency out of hours GP appointment and a spectacular vomiting incident as she was getting into the car.

The good news is that everything has remained internal today and although quiet, she looks like she’s well on the mend.

Took a large step today and joined Slimming World.  Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, let alone share!  A colleague of mine has persuaded me, not directly with any pressure, but with how impressed I have been with how much weight she’s lost over the last couple of months.  I asked her last week how she’d done it and got an insight into the theory and practise of the Slimming World approach.  As I desperately need to shift some weight I thought, “Why not?” and signed up this evening.  Here’s hoping to some lasting power and results.

(When I said she didn’t persuade me with pressure, I am excluding all the comments she makes about my physique – or lack thereof)  ;)

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