Lovelock Lovers


Busy day for Jnr Jnr – a football tournament in the morning and a swimming party this afternoon.

The manager of her Under-8 team was looking after them and also refereeing, so he asked me to look after the Under-6’s!!!!!  The Under-6’s who had never played together, and some who had never played football before! A box of kittens would have been easier to organise at times.  It was all about getting them into seeing what happens – they saw defeat in all four games.  I still think some of them didn’t realise this.  They loved it though, and that’s important.

I took Jnr Jnr down town for her swimming party and spent an hour by the river, aiming to catch some wildfowl shots.  They were all a bit crap though, the birds that were there were scarce and slow.  Probably all stuffed with bread and chips from the people who wander past the signs saying ‘Please do not feed the birds’ and feed the birds.

I then saw this couple on the footbridge.  Over the last couple of years or so it has gained a significant amount of lovelocks, but this is the first time I have seen one being put on.  They looked really self-conscious doing it, then after it was on they ‘had a moment’ (which I captured a little of here) and then took a series of selfies.  They looked very made up about it all.  I was glad I had the 300mm lens so they were unaware I was a voguer cataloger of touching moments.  Apologies you two – I have shared your private moment with a wide audience, but a little but of human connection is well required in current times.

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