I am the Lizard King, I can do anything


I’ve been in bed all day with a kind of tossing&turning/drenched-in-sweat/mildly-hallucinating thing that is only just wearing off.  Not sure where it’s come from, but am hoping it was short-lived.

Just came downstairs and found this on the floor of the front room.  I don’t read newspapers (hate the bloody things), so I guess Mrs H bought it this morning.  Did make me laugh, especially when it turned out who had done it!  She said I wasn’t allowed to say who it was, but I suppose that doesn’t stop me from saying it wasn’t Mrs H or Jnr Jnr.

At Jnr Snr’s school they recently had all five candidates from the constituency in where there was a short speech by all and the chance to ask questions directly to them.  They then had a mock election, on the Thursday, to show them how the process works and more importantly, in my mind, to show that there are always going to be a difference of opinions.  A strong conservative area, but Labour ended up winning.

I don’t tend to discuss specific politics with Jnr Snr, but we do have numerous chats about morals, ethics, the desire for personal gain and its occasional links to exploitation of others.  I think she falls to the left – more than Labour that’s for sure!

I don’t recall my school doing such things back in the day, I wish they had.  Watching people be proud of knowing nothing and not voting is a little dis-heartening as I bet they have opinions when things change for the better or worse in our country and a vote from all might help more good things happen.

I do admit to not being that aware of all voting ideologies and their respective pros&cons, but I do wonder if proportional representation is a fairer system.  Last week, 30.7% of people who voted (and just 24.4% of the overall electorate) chose the Conservatives who now hold 50.9% of the seats in parliament.  I think I’ll do some reading up to have a firmer understanding.  Differing sizes of constituencies seems to skew the fairness as a starting thought.

The dust has certainly not settled since the results, and points/fears/statisitcs are flying around the Twittersphere (whom I trust more than newspapers).  Several have stood out, but one that resonated was along the lines of:

The Tory voters I have spoken to are happy for their futures, but all the Labour voters are concerned for the fate of others.

I am wearing my politics on my sleeve more and more the older I get, or maybe it’s because I have been working in Education for the past 10 years.  Either way, I am proud to care for the NHS, the vulnerable and the future and be concerned about the movement of wealth overseas, inconsistent tax, privatisation and back-handed deals.  At the end of the day, money is an abstract concept invented and controlled by those with it, people are real.

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