A Jnr, a sheep, some tech


Well this sight on the sofa when I got up this morning made me reach for my camera immediately.  Seems to sum up my journal and overall life quite well with what’s there:

A Jnr…..check

She is using a Chromebook, I had been toying with the idea of getting one for the girls to do homework on, particularly Jnr Snr, as I have a legacy Google Apps domain that I grabbed before they made them business/school for-cost only.  After looking around at the different models I was about to order one when I noticed that PCWorld had knocked £40 off the price of the entry-level one and so got it before Easter for £140.  What a bargain.  Ever since, Jnr Jnr here seems to be the primary user and she is writing docs and creating slideshows like there’s no tomorrow.  A right chip off the old block.

Wherever possible, I have been slowly moving the ICT work at school towards Google Apps over the past couple of years and am now looking at getting a set of these for class.   Whatever you think of Google, their policy of ‘we were born out of education, we will always remember that’ is terrific for establishments like us.  They provide us with full email, calendars, private web space, unlimited cloud storage for every user and their ‘Office’ suite for a grand total of £0. Yep – not one single penny. I just wish every school would do it, would save millions country-wide and the money could be used to fund other things that the transparent Tory policies of privatising educationunderstandable austerity measures have cut.

Ah well, I know these tech-mumblings are boring, and I nearly went into politics….so I’ll shut up, it’s the painkillers……

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