Had the hospital appointment this afternoon: I do have two cracked elbow bones – or two radial head fractures of the elbow for the medically inclined – but luckily I am not getting either plastered!  It’s not treated by having a pot and so I am happy about that in many ways.  However, they still hurt like hell and not being supported makes them ache.

So no lifting for 6 weeks, which probably means driving too, and it dramatically impacts on my working schedule for the foreseeable future.

I have some stretches to do to help the mobility in my messed up soft tissue and need to ‘take enough painkillers so it doesn’t hurt‘ to help with my cracked rib(s).

So we stopped off at a pharmacy and bought a decent sling and some supports for my left elbow and wrist as they are the worst, I’ll keep my right out as much as I can.  In a couple of days I’ll start my elbow flexions/extensions and supinations/pronations.  Oh yeah baby.

Jnr Snr here was playing Frustration with Jnr Jnr when we got home – an apt game as it sums up my mood right now and probably that of my chauffeur and nurse Mrs H too.

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