Snacks, Drugs and Rock & Roll


Thank you for all your kind wishes on yesterday’s Blip. I have a lot more movement in my right arm, enough to maintain my dignity with certain daily routines anyway. I still can’t do anything with it that requires strength, so I am not going to be opening any jars anytime soon – man uses minus one.

Mrs H got me some codeine, so fuelled up on that and ibuprofen, we headed out to Leek this evening.

After a top meal (that I could eat one handed) in a pub owned by a brewery Mrs H is a fan of, we went to see the amazing Robert Vincent and his band. We’ve seen him a fair few times now, I adore him: his music, songwriting and particularly his singing, are incredible. If you have a spare couple of minutes watch this one, a particular favourite. I can highly recommend his album Life in Easy Steps, a regular listen by me, Mrs H and the girls.
They came too tonight, but were tired out bless ’em. They enjoyed it a lot though – I think it’s important to give children a decent education when it comes to culture, music especially.

He played a mixture of album tracks and new stuff, I hope it’ll be appearing on his upcoming album as it sounded great. This is the guitarist Michael Gay, he is just awesome. I sat in front of him spellbound this evening at his playing, dreaming of being a tenth as good with my own playing. Well, until the arms heal that’s a damn longshot.

As I was walking out the door I turned and waved at Robert, saying thanks, and proceeded to crack my head on the door frame as I did so. Nothing like making yourself look a complete twat in front on someone cool is there!!! Ha ha.

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