Not the kissing one


Matt came round today, but unfortunately Wayne was at work, so he was accompanied only by bouncy Reggie (a poodle).  I’ve known Matt since about 1997ish when he turned up where I had been working for a few months as the new ‘apprentice’, I was in that role too so we worked together for a couple of years.  Turned out we only lived a stones throw away from each other too, over the road literally, so we hung out a lot, worked shifts together and became really good friends.  He has always been a big part of the girls’ lives and they were the only non-direct family members at our wedding (although when he and Wayne presented us with a live duckling from their pocket that night we nearly regretted it! ha ha).

Although I don’t see him as much as I’d like to since we moved, we regularly keep in touch.  We’d missed his birthday the other week as Jnr Jnr had been ill and I was being Ofsteded, so this morning we presented him with his 1960’s ceramic hen to put his eggs in.  He loves vintage stuff like this, and when I saw it I know it was right up his street, a 1960’s original.  I did have another photo of him giving it a kiss that I nearly blipped (with a perfect Partridge title too), but I liked this composition more.

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