Easy Rider


Actually, bloody hard rider.

It has been far too long since I got out on my bike.  All injuries and irrelevant excuses aside this morning as I got the bike out, cleaned it up, oiled it, inflated the tyres and took it out.  Now I am back I need cleaning, oiling and inflating myself – I’m knackered.

I did a 20 mile route that is quite flat, and went out on my mountain bike to get the muscles used to working again, I thought the road bike and the Derbyshire hills would kill me for real.  Apart from the ride down and back  town to the start point, it was a 50 minute ride to Buxton on a slight incline into the wind and a much quicker 30 ride back the other way.  Slight downhill with a trailing wind was better.

I need to get back to looking like this, a lot of mass has been put on in the last two years, and not all of it hair.

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