Tequila Mockingbird


I’ve had a great Sunday!  Been doing jobs all day and feel really good as a result.

Mowed both lawns and raked one, cleared the pond, deweeded the beds, prepared for veg planting, swept up, rescued two frogs, washed the car, reorganised the girls’ downstairs room, planted a ton of seeds and trimmed the herb garden.  A lot better than sitting and watching sport which is my usual Sunday these days.  I think the bike is on the very near horizon.

Needed the air to be honest… I had realised this week that I have never ever had a tequila.  How someone as reckless as me can achieve that I am not sure considering what I have done in my 41 years so far.  So on the way back from the footy yesterday I grabbed a bottle and a couple of limes from Sainsburys for an ‘experimental’ evening.  After a top steak dinner by Mrs H (best one she’s ever cooked for me) and some chilling time I announced my plan.  She shook her head, but was game.  Wow – I am glad I left it until my sensible years, what a blast!!  If I had been game for that in my youth, my liver would have emigrated by now.

I did wake up with a bit of a headache and it felt as though I had someone else’s eyes in my head.  Oh, and a Sharpie tattoo of Sheepy on my left arm.

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