Rare Creative Idea


Been another Daddy and Jnr Jnr day today – Jnr Snr was sleeping over at a friend’s house last night and had an entire day doing play rehearsals at her school.  Mrs H was helping out with wardrobe and she went off early doors.

So I took Jnr Jnr swimming first and after lunch we went to the Lane to watch a welcome win by the Blades.  On the way back I nipped into Wilkinsons as I have been on the hunt for some cheap white mugs for a few weeks now.  I had an idea that Sharpies might be good to get a permanent design on easily and that the girls would love to have a go.  They had some for 75p – bargain!!!!  They also had some metallic Sharpies – extra bonus.

Jnr Snr walked in the door about 10 mins ago, saw what we were up to and started immediately.  I bought three mugs so I can have a go too – my art skills are legendary at school – I feel a dog-ephant coming on…. (for Mrs S)

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