The Levellers


A long day today

– went to school dressed as the BFG
– did some writing sessions that produced some ace work from my class
– processed tons of photos for the school blog
– pissed about with 22 iPads trying to get them all to sync
– took Mrs H out for a mystery evening (well, I knew what was going on)

I had bought tickets for a night out at Buxton Opera House a few months back to see The Levellers.  We both love ’em, and I knew that Mrs H hadn’t cottoned on about their latest tour.  On this one the were showing a film about the band, doing a quick Q&A with Jez the bassist and then doing an acoustic set.

I even booked a table for us at a place I have been wanting to eat at for years.  The game was nearly given away though when the guitarist walked in and sat down a table away from us!  Although Mrs H looked at him and did a, “I recognise him!” she didn’t twig.  Close.

Apart from a gobby woman who was rude to both of us (alcohol-related as well as a questionable personality), it was belting.

Well levelled.

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