Model Teacher


First day back after a week off today, and I was shown this by one of my pupils.  She had spent some of the weekend messing with Plasticine and put together this scene that included me and a couple of my pupils (she is the brown-haired one).  I was quite touched to see myself in modelling clay.  She’s got quite a talent for proportions and form.

On the last day of term a week or so ago, I had taken some shots of some of the class for them to mess with on the computers – we sliced their faces down the middle, copied, flipped and stuck each half to itself.  I love doing that, you end up being faced with two people who are you, but aren’t you.  Weirdo cousins was our description.  I had used a reflector to balance the light on each side of the face, so it made an appearance here too.

I always thought I’d be a model one day ;)

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