Cry Baby


My delivery of flash-related kit turned up today.  I have a big L plate on my back now as I want to properly learn about being a strobist (please let me strobe you…)

I am now a proud owner of a light stand, flash holder, white umbrella, a cheap lightbox thingy, two transceivers and a wireless remote.  I read the instructions like a good boy, but they just tell you how to work it, not how to do it.  So I am now going to get into a couple of books I have kicking about concerning flash photography and the strobist sites that have been recommended.

I did have a little play with Jnr Jnr as a model though, so we went over to the man room to utilise the projection wall.  She asked to have a go on my electric guitar – well, why not!  I even changed the battery in my old wah-wah pedal so she could play with that too.  All I can say is, it is a good thing that photographs do not some with sound :)

We also had a little play with fast shutter synch.  Very mixed results, but that looks fun.  Need to read up……

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