I wanted to do a self-portrait tonight with me looking haggard.  The last 45 mins of the day took it out of me – I must have heard my name at least once every 1.3 seconds and I now want to change it to something else.

When we got home, I had roped in the girls to helping: Jnr Jnr as photographer, and Jnr Snr as lighting assistant (that in itself caused disgruntlement).  I had put a chair in a specific place and was just deciding on an aperture to suitably blur out the background but be reasonably deep to keep all facial features in sharp focus when Jnr Jnr here photobombed the test shot!!!!

Little monkey made a better job of ‘accidental’ model than she did of her shooting, so this one made it as the day’s choice!  Jnr Snr gets the camera next time.

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