More Flashing


I read a little more of the Strobist blog this morning.  When playing afterwards, I was having problems using the slave mode on my flash – I really wanted to sort out what I had messed up as using the cable for TTL is a real pain, yet it was the only way I could get the flash syncing correctly.  Why do they make them with spring-loaded curly cables?

I realised what I had done on the camera menu that had caused the issue and so went playing.  I asked Jnr Jnr to be the model this time (although she only did it on the proviso that she could take some pictures of me – I think she’s getting keen!) and used the white, translucent inner of my reflector to try to diffuse the light a little.  It did to some extent (it created an interesting catchlight pattern in her eyes) and I am pleased with the look.

I read that classic “anyone who says they are a purist and only shoots with natural light is just admitting they can’t use a flash”.  I disagree a little, I think that they are just different tools and just how artists use different mediums to express themselves then perhaps photographers have similar preferences.  Is there similar rivalry/snobbery between artists?  Not sure.

What do you think?

I for one am enjoying my flash play right now, but can seem me limiting it to only a few, certain situations.  Has to be at the right time, place and subject.  When I get more confident I may stretch it a little to be more creative.

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