A rare smile for a photo from Jnr Snr.  Pre-teen self-image concern gets in the way most of the time.

After reading some posts on Strobist that PixelChristi pointed me towards, I made a diffuser thingy out of a soup pot (that still smells of leek and potato, should have washed it more!) and some foam that came with my Doc Martens.  I did a very brief “just stand there will you to see if this works?” test and quite liked her on this one, so it’s the day’s choice.

We are off out soon anyhow, a footy match for me and the girls followed by a night out at the Sheffield City Hall for some music with Mrs H, a birthday treat.  The headline act is Paul Carrack, but we bought tickets because of the support act Robert Vincent.  He’s a gem of singer/songwriter and I’ve posted about him before here and here.  Given that we are in row Z of the stalls, I didn’t even consider getting another shot tonight, at least I can focus on listening.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday, enjoy your weekends.

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