Foiled again


When she said she was going to fencing club at school I was glad as she could fix the dodgy panels by the garage ;)

Looks like she’s starting her secret agent skills, although I bet she makes lightsaber noises when she does it.  She told me she had a dream last night where she was Obi Wan Kenobi – I love that kid!  A guy who is linked to the local college comes in once a week and has started to teach a group of kids the basics of fencing and they absolutely love it.  It’s amazing what opportunities they can get.

It’s a late posting tonight as I’ve been at the Lane tonight for the semi-final of the League Cup against Spurs.  Wow!!!!  A sell-out of over 30,000, an incredible atmosphere and a roller coaster of a game where two rapid goals towards the end of the second half brought the Blades back into contention of a Wembley appearance.  However, a last-minute goal brought the inevitable victory for them from a player who probably earns more in a week than our entire squad put together.  Ah well, it was a terrific game and in the end it has saved me the best part of £400 in tickets/travel/accommodation had we progressed, so every cloud and all that ;)

We’ll have to win the FA Cup instead.

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