Flashing in the dark


Don’t know why I decided to mess around with my flash this evening, but I am glad I did as I finally twigged how to get the TTL working with the extension cable.  Seems there is a specific order of putting the cable on the flash, on the camera and when to switch each on. Bloody fiddly thing, the times I did manage to get TTL to work over the last three years must have been by luck.

However, I didn’t even used TTL in the end as I am so used to setting it all manually when I do use it and I wanted to darken the background completely.

I very rarely use a flash, much preferring natural light, but since I have restarted Blipping I am always having to use a higher ISO and a wide open lens.  When I picked it up I thought this would be good way to get around that (and have a much-overdue play with the flash).  I might get to know what I am doing one day if I keep it up!

Not sure what I am going to so with this type of effect yet, but I am happy with my visual jotting for the evening.  It’s a look I like.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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