Out with the old, in with the new


Always loved Docs.  After I left secondary school, where we were forced to wear ‘school shoes’, I don’t think I wore anything else until I got a job. I think two pairs got me through about six and a bit years of college, university and a period on the dole.

A few years back I bought a pair after seeing them in a local shop window, I’m not sure why, but they have hardly left my feet since then.  However, on feeling a cold, wet, left foot last week in the slushy aftermath of the snow I realised that the sole on one had split rather badly.  So it was time to get some new ones :(

It is quite a sad move, saying farewell to a pair of well-worn docs – they have seen so much and we’ve a lot together over the years.  I imagine it is like reflecting back on the departure of an old dog who has been a faithful companion, before getting used to a new puppy.

Well maybe, I don’t know, I don’t have pets.

So today was day of the new boots and they are already showing a little sign of wear as the leather starts to form around my feet.  They are lacking character at the moment so need a few gigs and bad-weather traipses  to get them to how they should look.

Can’t throw the old ones away though…..

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