Just been for a sneaky Ruby down town :)

On the way back, Jnr Snr asked me, “How do I not know that I am the only vessel alive, and everyone else is not just a robot, or hologram or just imagination?”


I told her she couldn’t.

That got me so excited!!!  At the age of 11 she’s arguably Cartesian in her thinking and vocalising solipsistic thoughts – wow.  It started a great discussion where we briefly talked about self, experience, time, reality, etc, etc.  It was cut short by arriving at home, a real shame as I could have carried that one on for ages.  She expanded on her original question well and did use the word ‘vessel’ a lot with clear links to a single consciousness that could span time, albeit adhering to the unidirectional nature of it, but restricted to Earth.

Keep thinking and questioning kid, don’t ever stop.

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