No Force Required


I turned the garage into a ‘man room’ over the summer. I had it kitted out with a projector, games console, full 7.1 surround sound and a leather sofa.  Watching stuff on a 122″ screen is a real treat.  Some people spend their well-earned money on big cars, fashionable clothes or foreign holidays.  Me, I am a Fiat 500-driving, scruffy-looking, rain-tanned geek.

(Who’s scruffy looking?)

It is predominantly used for PS4ing, but movies are just superb with the set-up, and this afternoon I kept my promise of showing Jnr Jnr some more of the Star Wars saga.  She’s becoming very obsessed with it all. We had the last 45 mins of The Phantom Menace to watch first, the best 45 mins of the prequels in my opinion, all because of Darth Maul – THE best-looking bad guy in the entire series of films.  Killing him off and keeping Jar Jar Stinks was the worst decision after making the prequels that George Lucas ever made.

We then went onto watching most of The Attack of the Clones. By far the worth of all the Star Wars films, mostly for two things. Firstly, all the bits that Hayden Christian isn’t in; and secondly, and mostly, for all the bits that Hayden Christian is in.

Ah well, it’s still Star Wars and so has to be seen and loved in its own way.  At least Master Windu gets a solid thumbs up.

Roll on the J.J. Abrams treatment, I have a good feeling about that.

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