Cooking with wine


And it did go into the pan :)

I have been wanting to get back into cooking recently, I used to enjoy it a lot, but have been rather ambivalent about the whole thing for a couple of years.  So this year is the get-back-into-it year (bit like with Blip I suppose) and so far this week I have cooked gammon in cider sauce with boiled potatoes and mixed fresh greens, a from-scratch jalfrezi and pilau rice, and today’s best-of-the-bunch-so-far was a chicken and leek stroganoff from Jamie Oliver.  Mrs H is not a fan of cream, but I risked it and damn happy I did too.  It was mighty fine, top recipe.

Unfortunately, Mrs H doesn’t eat any form of cheese (can hardly be in the room with the stuff), detests seafood and cannot stand any heat from the merest hint of chilli.  All in all, this adds up to some friction as they seem to encompass all that is wonderful about food in my opinion.  So my recipe choices are limited.  I have found some good ones though and will continue….

Mondays can be chilli/cheese/seafood night as she’s usually at a meeting till late :-D

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