Twisted Firestarter


Been playing nurse again today, Jnr Jnr was feeling sick up until about 5pm. Even on a quick car journey to get her older sister from the bus stop after school she was on carrier-bag-standby!

I am hoping she’ll be back in school tomorrow, she sure has been more like herself for the last couple of hours.  She was asleep until about 10:30 and then dozy all day with many a nap, no TV and no iPad too.  Certainly not like her to be so quiet for so long.

Got this shot just now as I showed her the video for The Prodigy’s Firestarter – I had been singing it as I lit the fire to get her warm and cosy this afternoon – and she was seriously creeped out by Keith, but those particular shots looked like I was torturing her (by showing her Keith, I guess I was – nightmares ahoy!!) so thought this one was more appropriate to make people think I am a decent parent.

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