Bit Poorly


Jnr Jnr didn’t come to the match today as she is feeling the effects of a cold.  We both have it, but it takes more than that to keep me away from Bramall Lane.  Didn’t stop us having a sofa morning to watch Mr Peabody & Sherman though after we got up; not as good as I had hoped it would be, but entertaining nonetheless.  I produced homemade pizzas for lunch, but I think that only cheered me up.  Best dough bases I have ever made.

The match was a cold affair, although a terrific second half took my mind off the chilled extremities.  A deserved 2-1 win certainly made it all worth while.

So home to this sight, a very sorry-looking little ‘un.  However, when Jnr Snr fired a rocket toy that hit me in the face she fell about laughing, so at least she’s not too afflicted.

Movie night with the other one in a minute as I have been hounded to within an inch of my life to watch Woman In Black with her.  Bet she has nightmares, it’s spookily brilliant.

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